BSC Volleyball volunteers in Tuscaloosa with tornado relief efforts

BSC Volleyball volunteers in Tuscaloosa with tornado relief efforts

TUSCALOOSA, Ala.—Members of the Birmingham-Southern volleyball team have reached out to help the community by volunteering in Tuscaloosa, which was devastated by tornadoes on April 27.

Head Coach Judy Green and eight of her players have been giving their time at the Temporary Emergency Services Center on 15th Street in Tuscaloosa, sorting donations and helping to organize the distribution center.

"Volunteering in Tuscaloosa was so rewarding," said sophomore Lauren Reibe. "Although it was a tragic sight, seeing so many people coming together during the city's time of need was amazing. Everyone was so willing to donate supplies, or help out at the volunteer sites. For a town that had so much destruction, it was truly a blessing to see how supportive everyone was being of their neighbors.

"Seeing the damage the tornado caused was really astounding and so different from what I've seen from hurricanes," sophomore Shelby Moore said. "I was speechless seeing what little was left of 15th Street. Volunteering was overwhelming--the amount of supplies that people had donated and the rush of people coming into the distribution center for help was mind blowing. I did enjoy volunteering though, making toiletries kits and dinner packs was actually fun, and every little action helps the victims."

In addition, Hope Harris, Sarassa Burrus, and Alex Bothe each assisted a family affected by the tragedy, helping them find what they needed throughout the center.

"I am so proud of the time and effort our players spent at the TES Center," Green said. "They got to see up close and personal how this tragedy affects people from all walks of life. They truly worked non-stop from the time we arrived until we left. Making a difference is what they did. I think they also now understand the magnitude of the devastation left behind and in their hearts they know the relief efforts will be like running a marathon instead of a sprint. None of this is going to be fixed in a week. I hope they will continue to find time to help as so many areas are in need."