Birmingham-Southern Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

One of the most powerful tools of NCAA member institutions is the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee or SAAC. The SAACs across the nation serve several unique purposes in the support of student-athletes. Each NCAA member institution (at all three divisions) has a SAAC. Each NCAA member conference has a committee as well, which is made up of representatives from each member institution's SAAC. Finally, there is the National SAAC which is comprised of representatives from around the country selected by the Management Councils from each respective NCAA Division.

According to the NCAA, the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee serves several primary purposes:
* Generate a student-athlete voice within the NCAA structure.
* Solicit student-athlete response to proposed NCAA legislation.
* Recommend potential NCAA legislation.
* Review, react and comment to the governance structure on legislation, activities and subjects of interest.
* Actively participate in the administrative process of athletics programs and the NCAA.
* Promote a positive student-athlete image.

Birmingham-Southern College's SAAC adheres to these principals to further the overall NCAA SAAC mission which is to "enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image."

The Birmingham-Southern College Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (BSC's SAAC) is comprised of at least two representatives from each athletic team that will represent and voice the opinions of BSC's student-athletes. The Committee will serve as an advisory board that works closely with the administration of the athletic department and the Faculty Athletic Affairs Committee to bring forward issues that will ensure that each student-athlete has the best possible academic and athletic experience.

This respected line of communication ensures that all athletic teams will be acknowledged in matters of student-athlete welfare, academics, gender equity, and any other issues unique to student-athletes.

SAAC works to foster a supportive and "family" atmosphere by encouraging their teammates to support other athletic teams with their attendance at athletic events.

SAAC will participate in selected service projects throughout the year. Additionally, SAAC representatives are responsible for inviting and encouraging their teammates to take part in community service projects and as well as other service opportunities provided at BSC.

Lastly, this committee provides an opportunity for student-athletes to interact with one another, and together to uphold the ideals, the mission, and the high academic standards of Birmingham-Southern College on the playing field/court and in the classroom.


2018-19 SAAC Leadership

Advisors: Assistant AD's Sheri Salmon and Jennifer Jones

President: Brett Feringa (Men's Soccer)

Vice President: Marjorie Ward (Women's Volleyball)

For questions about SAAC, please contact Assistant Athletic Director Sheri Salmon at (205) 226-4692 or